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FIVE Tips to Get Back to Work With Ease

Sep 16, 2019
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Coming back from a magical vacation isn’t much fun. One day you enjoy the time of your life by a mesmerizing, blue sea or maybe hiking in rocky mountains. And the next, you are back at your desk, feeling jet-lagged and sunburnt.

However, the transition back to work doesn’t need to be such a nightmare. There are some tips and trick that you can take on your first day to ease you back to your routine. With some planning, you’ll be back to your daily flow in no time!

1. Take Care of Yourself!
It may sound efficient to go back to the office and work yourself to the ground right away after the holiday. But this approach will probably end up backfiring. Take a day or two for yourself, sleep off the jet-leg. Re-arranging your wardrobe for the new season is key to be ready on your first day of work. Place your work outfits and accessories to the front for easier mornings. Have a good healthy meal that will make you energized and you may also take it with you to work.

2. Get an Early Start
Easing back to work needs preparation. Go to bed early the night before and get to the office slightly early. It will give you the opportunity to headstart with the avalanche of workload, waiting just for you.

3. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.
Getting lost in the vortex of your inbox or the forrest of meetings might be tempting. But are you sure that this is the best use of your time? First, reply only to time-sensitive emails and try to keep your first-day schedule free, so that you have the entire day to catch up without feeling overwhelmed and behind on everything.

4. Get Caught Up
Instead of diving into individual emails and projects, get a broader overview. Talk with your manager or boss, talk with your colleagues to find out what major events or changes has happened. This way you get a general update and later you can deal with individual issues accordingly.

5. Stay Focused
There’s bound to distractions everywhere when you get back. Co-workers asking about how was your vacations. News and social media can make you feel like you have lost contact with the world and with your friends. Stay strong and don’t spend too much time chatting and scrolling through the news.

Bonus Tip: 
Remember the Good TimesNo need to feel gloomy! Instead of being blue, think of your memories fondly and remember your vacation with gratitude! Extend the bliss and feel every moment. After all, summer is coming again next year.

by Patricia Toth
Obaku Denmark


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